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Disaster comes ... God answers!

Disaster comes ... God answers!

All glory to God! We are told the insurance plans to cover $1.2 million USD, close to what we need to replace the damaged R66 helicopter in Brazil after the hangar roof collapsed on it!
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Asking again? For more helicopters? Yes, people in remote PNG are still waiting to hear the Gospel.

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What makes planes and helicopters fly? We could give formulas of aerodynamics and physics. But in all practicality, it’s mechanics who keep the planes and helicopters flying. Do you have what it takes?

Missionary Flights are a Lifeline

Ethnos360 church planting missionaries serve people groups living in some of the most remote areas of the world. The missionary teams depend on the Ethnos360 Aviation airplanes and helicopters to be the supply line for virtually everything they need. Transportation. Mail and medicines. Groceries and dry goods. Fuel and office supplies. Building materials and equipment.

Aircraft shuttle children back and forth to school, bring work crews and medical teams, and provide lifesaving medevacs for missionaries and village folks alike.

When disaster strikes, our aircraft are sometimes the only ones positioned to provide relief flights in impenetrable regions.


Extending Christ’s love to unreached people groups is impossible without transportation that can provide access into the most remote regions of the world.”
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Aviation is a Necessity

Weigh these options: a rigorous two-day hike or an eight-minute flight from the nearest airstrip. Those are the options available to missionaries who live and work in the rugged mountains and rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Ethnos360 Aviation’s helicopter pilot Mike McGregor affirms, “Aviation is a necessity. There is no other way.” Missionary aviation also provides access to equipment, supplies and more. You can help make flights available for missionaries in remote locations. Every $600 sponsors an hour of flight time.

What takes missionaries days or even weeks over rugged mountains, treacherous seas, and unpredictable rivers, an airplane or helicopter can cover in a matter of hours.”
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Advance the Spread of the Gospel

Your aviation skills and training can help missionaries plant churches by supporting their needs for safe transportation to remote areas. Ethnos360 Aviation is much more than just transporting people and supplies — missionary pilots also take an active part in the spiritual encouragement of missionary co-workers and the indigenous church. See who we are, where we servewhat we fly, and our qualifications.    


“When are you coming?” People groups in Papua New Guinea send delegations asking for missionaries to come and help them. But our helicopter is 40 years old and often down for maintenance. It is failing to meet the current needs much less keep up with growing demands. To fulfill the vision of bringing the gospel to unreached people groups in PNG, we need two Robinson R66 helicopters immediately and a third one soon after that. Would you join us in praying for these helicopters? Maybe reaching isolated people groups is part of your heart for missions.  You can help.