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Senior Management

Executive Director, Phil Koop; Director of Personnel, Dwight Brown; Director of Operations, Tim Hughes; Director of Finance, Jeff Schaa; International Chief Pilot, Daren Spence

PHIL KOOP, Executive Director: Phil and his wife Ellen served with Ethnos360 Aviation in the Philippines for ten years. His roles included avionics/radio and computer maintenance, as well as various management positions in Ethnos360. In 1992 Phil was asked to move to Ethnos360 Aviation headquarters in Arizona to manage the avionics and IT departments. In 1998 Phil joined the leadership team as General Secretary; in 2011 he was appointed Executive Director. During most of his time in Arizona, Phil has also served on the board of directors for a group of county health clinics and his local church. Phil and Ellen have three grown sons and four grandchildren.

TIM HUGHES, Director of Operations: Tim served for almost 22 years in Papua New Guinea as an aircraft mechanic and as a leader both in NTM PNG and Ethnos360 Aviation. In 2010 Tim and Kay came to Ethnos360 Aviation headquarters to fill the position of Director of Operations worldwide. Tim graduated from Bob Jones University and took his aviation training at Dakota Aero Tech in Fargo, ND. Tim worked in aircraft maintenance, including three years assisting Calvary Bible College in Kansas City to set up an aviation maintenance school. Tim’s background adds to the depth of his ability to understand operations of flight programs in the four foreign countries where Ethnos360 Aviation serves. Tim and his wife Kay have two adult children, both raised in PNG. They have seven grandchildren.

DWIGHT BROWN, Director of Personnel: Dwight, along with his wife, Diana, an MK from Brazil, has served 31 years with Ethnos360 Aviation. Dwight was a pilot/mechanic for Ethnos360 Aviation in Paraguay, an on-loan pilot with MAF in Mozambique, and most recently a pilot/mechanic with Ethnos360 Aviation in Bolivia. He shouldered much of the leadership responsibilities in the flight programs of those countries. In between field assignments, he also served 2 years in McNeal as Treasurer and Business Administrator. His early training was at Western Nebraska Technical College. Dwight’s experiences in multiple countries as well as his passionate involvement in local church ministry contributes a rich background for his work in the Personnel Department. Dwight and Diana have a son and a married daughter who were raised on the mission field.

JEFF SCHAA, Director of Finance: Jeff assumed his role as director of finance in 2005 after 14 years of flying with Ethnos360 Aviation in Liberia and Senegal, West Africa. During those years, he also chaired the Finance and Asset Committee for NTM’s work there. Jeff earned his pilot’s and mechanic’s certificates from the aviation program of Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music. After achieving ratings up to CF II, Jeff worked as a private instructor. When not at his desk, Jeff still instructs Ethnos360 Aviation trainees in the intricacies of cross country and instrument flying. Jeff and his wife, Jackie, both avid bicyclists, have three married sons, all of whom spent a good part of their childhood years in Senegal, and two grandchildren.

DAREN SPENCE, International Fixed Wing Chief Pilot: Daren began his role as chief pilot for Ethnos360 Aviation in 2014 after 7 ½ years of service with Ethnos360Aviation in Asia-Pacific. He had wanted “to be a pilot and fly missionaries [to] the places they need to go” ever since he was 9. After training as a pilot and mechanic with Moody Aviation, he worked at Moody for two years as an aircraft mechanic instructor. Daren and his wife, Cindy, have three children, all of whom spent most of their growing up years in Asia Pacific. Daren also serves in the community as a local school board member.

Board Members

Peter Hansen - Board Chairman

Peter Hansen

Peter and Rachel Hansen have been members of New Tribes Mission,  now Ethnos360, since 1985. Peter worked as a church planter and Bible translator in the Mangseng tribe in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea from 1985 until 1999, and in various leadership positions in PNG until 2011. Hansen’s currently live in Bellevue, NE, and Peter is the general secretary for Ethnos360’s International Ministries Team.

Brian Shortmeier - Board Secretary

Brian Shortmeier

Brian and his wife, Susan, joined New Tribes Mission, now Ethnos360, in 1983. Brian was a teacher and administrator in the NTM school for missionary children in Papua New Guinea from 1984 to 2000 and then served as the PNG Field Administrator until 2010. Brian and Susan currently reside in Sanford, Florida, and Brian serves on the Ethnos360 Executive board

Martin Lamb - Board Member

Martin Lamb grew up on the mission field, in Papua New Guinea, with want was then New Tribes Mission. After meeting his wife Tammy at Ethnos’s Bible school in Jackson, Michigan, they were married in January 1993 and settled down in Southern Ontario. God led them to serve with Gospel for Asia; helping to support national workers in church planting throughout the Indian subcontinent. After 14 years of serving as Development Director with GFA and seeing much growth in the work, the Lord has led them back to serve with Ethnos Canada to help with public relations and development. Martin and Tammy have three children and currently reside in Southern Ontario.

Dave Tanner - Board Member

David TannerDavid and his wife, Nancy, joined NTM Aviation, now Ethnos360 AViation, in 1989. David served as a pilot/mechanic in Asia Pacific from 1989 until 2003. The Tanners currently live in Alto, MI, and David works as a corporate pilot and safety officer with Meijer.

Tim Whatley - Board Member

Tim Whatley is the Executive Director of Ethnos Canada.  He was born in Nova Scotia and raised in the jungles of the Asia Pacific region as a son of a missionary family. Tim and his wife Kathy served as a church planters in the Moi tribe of the Asia Pacific region, being part of the team to first make contact with them in 2000. Today there is a thriving church in the Moi tribe.  Tim was in field leadership for 7 years, and in 2010 he was asked to return to Canada to serve as the director of Ethnos Canada’s senior leadership team.  Tim, Kathy and their three children live just outside of Durham, Ontario.