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Volunteering at Ethnos360 Aviation

Ethnos360 Aviation has a facility in McNeal, Arizona, that serves as the international headquarters for Ethnos360 Aviation worldwide. Teamwork and commitment are highly valued as we serve personnel with our global fleet. Use your skills on the team as we are involved in administration, flight training and aircraft maintenance training along with the maintenance of our facility.

Type of work:

  • building and facilities maintenance and repairs
  • carpentry
  • wiring
  • painting
  • plumbing
  • concrete work


Houses and mobile homes, offices, maintenance facilities and aircraft hangers, 20 RV hookups with full service and laundry facilities.


20 miles north of the Mexican border, about two hours southeast of Tucson in the Sulphur Springs valley.


If you are interested in talking to someone about volunteering with Ethnos360 Aviation, please contact Dwight Brown, Director of Personnel, at 407-580-7098 or